Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This Is Getting Absurd

If the Titans run in Omaha was developed into a screenplay, it would seem so far fetched, even the K-Dawg himself — Kevin Costner — would have to pass on it. (Although rumors say the K-Dawg will be in the picture about a killer-robot driving instructor who travels back in time for some reason. Ron Howard has signed on to direct.)

The Titans were down to their final out on Sunday night and the three-run game-winning rally was highlighted by Corey Vanderhook hit a ball that took more twist and turns than your average CSI episode. Fullerton held on to eliminate Georgia Tech. It was an act of redemption for Hook who was the goat in Friday night’s loss to North Carolina.

Tuesday was more of the same. A’s center fielder Mark Kotsay made his name in the College World Series by driving in seven runs as a freshman against Florida State. Current freshman David Cooper conjured up images of Kotsay with a 5-for-5 performance — including a two-run shot and the game-winning hit.

But the biggest story yesterday was closer Ryan Paul who was hampered by the same stomach virus that slowed Lauren Gagnier over the weekend. Paul did not arrive to Rosenblatt with his teammates, instead getting there in the seventh inning. But that enough time to notch the biggest strikeout of the season, fanning Clemson’s dangerous Andy D’Alessio for the first out of the bottom of the ninth. The game was closed out by Wes Roemer. And in keeping with the script, Roemer will be the starter today.

What is in store for today? It’s hard to imagine. At this point, it wouldn’t seem unusual for the Titans season to be saved today by a talking pie — who will play K-Dawg’s buddy in that killer-robot driving instructor picture.

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