Monday, June 26, 2006

The Post Mortem

The media never ceases to amaze. White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen calls a reporter a name and the sporting world tilts off of its axis. Really, has more ever been made out of a non-story like this?

Yet, the White Sox have been accused of cheating by using a center field camera to tip off pitches and nobody cares. Either it was the centerfield camera, or Crash Davis finally made it to the big leagues. But this still remains a non-story because Guillen called a reporter a name.

Of course, the Cardinals might just be whiners. But isn't cheating a bigger issue than calling a reporter a name? Well, not cheating in the sense of steroids because baseball reporters ignored that forever. Maybe if Barry Bonds had called some reporter a "fag," the steroid case would be been uncovered sooner.

Philadelphia pitcher Brett Myers smacks his wife up in public and he made his start on Saturday. Talk about giving baseball a black eye. Guillen is expected to attend sensitivity training for calling a reporter a name, but Myers has no repercussions for hitting a woman. Anybody in the media want to tackle this issue? Where is Jay Mariotti calling for a two-week suspension? Oh that's right, Myers didn't call Mariotti a name so it is no big deal.

Bud Selig could pull out a firearm and shoot up a school, but it wouldn’t register a blip in the news because Guillen called a reporter a name. And you wonder why nobody is reading newspapers anymore. (Actually, it's probably The Bish's fault.)
  • It's really hard to imagine the White Sox as cheaters, especially after watching A.J. Pierzynski play the game. There is a guy who plays the game the right way. The right way if you are fifth grader playing kickball and you want the entire class to beat your ass.
  • Does Ozzie seem like the kind of guy who would be sophisticated enough to pull off an elaborate scam like using a center field camera to tip off pitches? Not to say that he is stupid, but he's always seemed like the kind of guy whose brain is always flashing "12:00."
  • Looks like North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams is trying to challenge the K-Dawg for the College World Series’ biggest camera (expletive).

    The NCAA is looking to expand the men's basketball tournament field from 64 to 128. Good to see they have the student's best interest in mind and is not all about the money. The only good news that could possibly come from all of this would be to expand the women’s tournament, too.


Scott said...

"Camera whore" is not an expletive, especially not in baseball. Just ask Anna Benson.

NFL Adam said...

Was actually thinking of camera f***er.

Scott said...

My previous comment regarding Anna Benson still applies.

NFL Adam said...

fair enough

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

128? more tourney games. more betting. more george masons

NFL Adam said...

It's just going to make it worse when Fullerton doesn't make it to the tournament. It would be something if more teams like George Mason got into the tournament, not the tenth and 12th teams from the ACC and Big East.

Leave it the way it is.