Monday, June 19, 2006

The Post Mortem

Do you Believe in Miracles?

Cal State Fullerton coach George Horton might have said it best when he noted that hard-working teams tend to create their own luck. The Titans might be the hardest working team in baseball.

Unless two-run infield singles happen everyday.

Fullerton was down to its last out when it scored three ninth inning runs with two outs to oust Georgia Tech, 7-5. Cory Vanderhook, the base-running goat from Friday night, had the game-winning hit — a ball bounced off the plate and through the infield. Like Pete Vuckovich said in Major League, “You really knocked the crap out of that one.” Thankfully, this game wasn’t a beauty contest.

“That’s a record, the best 90-foot hit I’ve ever seen,” Horton added.

Never a doubt, eh?

It’s hard to imagine where this game ranks amongst the all-time greats, but it is right up there. There are exciting games. Come-from-behind games. And there are destiny defining games. A game like Game 6 of the 2002 World Series. Moments after Troy Glaus hit the go-ahead double, you knew the Angels were going to go one to win the World Series. There was no doubt.

It’s hard not to draw a similar parallel to Fullerton’s game on Sunday. Of course, the Angels had the benefit of playing the same team in Game 7. The Titans will play Clemson on Tuesday, a team that already had its own comeback magic against Tech. But sometimes the difference between winning and losing is a swagger. The Titans definitely got it back.

  • Was that Jeffrey Maier wearing a North Carolina hat on Sunday? You might remember Maier who threw himself into a Yankees/Orioles playoff game by reaching over the fence to give the Yankees a home run a few years ago. The same thing happened on Sunday when some punk kid reached over the fence to take Matt Wieter’s drive away from Titans outfielder Danny Dorn. Luckily, that play was not a factor. Or was that hard work that it was not a factor?
  • So the Angels couldn’t pitch Jered Weaver on Sunday, and then push Bartolo Colon's start to Monday? Did that make too much sense? It looks like Colon has been hitting the HGH — hamburgers, grease, and Hershey. Colon gave up four runs to the Padres on Sunday. That’s like giving up 10 runs to a Major League Baseball team.

Leave it to the NBA to have a Finals game go into overtime, be settled in the final seconds and still not be exciting. Maybe it was the Fullerton game earlier, but there was nothing interesting in that series. There is no way the Heat win a game in Dallas. No way.


Matt Leinart said...

Just who is this Fullerton character?
Geez, my nuts are cold!

TheAngelsHaveFans??? said...

Padres 2 games, the PCL LA angels 1 game -- which was luck..