Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More Cheerleaders Gone Wild

Those wacky Canadians.

This comes via the Universal Cynic. It turns out that even CFL cheerleader controversies are lame. While the NFL has lesbian cheerleaders having sex in bar bathrooms, the CFL has cheerleaders being suspended for appearing on the Howard Stern Show. The Hamilton Tiger Cats suspended Ashley Harrison and Deanna Garraway for claiming that they were still virgins, dancing provocatively and riding a sex toy on Stern's radio show.

If the rumors about Canadian strip clubs are true, maybe they just weren’t wild enough.

Sorry CFL. The NFL has set the bar on cheerleading sexcapades pretty high. This, much like the signing of Ricky Williams, is just a cheap imitation.


Jeff Garcia said...

I'd knock the bottom out of that!

Glenn Quagmire said...

Giggity giggity goo!

Richard Cranium said...

Um, yeah, I'm here about the JJ Manning DUI case?

Anonymous said...

These so called cheerleaders/models should look for a strippers job and not even consider modeling again. They only bring bad name to the rest of the nice girls out there.