Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mexico Wins World Cup

Sunday’s World Cup match between Mexico and Iran was truly one of those moments where you are pulling for both teams to lose. Or at least for the stadium to burn down. Unfortunately, somebody had to win it (though, there could have been a draw, but roll with us).

It is even more unfortunate that the winner had to be Mexico.

It is really not fair to put the Iranians in this class. Mexico, as mentioned by Lil’ Dieter last week, has the worst fans in soccer. They make Raiders fans look respectable—and a little less delusional.

While Raiders actually believe they win the Super Bowl after each victory, at least they don’t parade in the streets after one damn victory. Which is what the Mexican soccer fans did on Sunday following their victory over Iran. Even Ohio State fans would show a little bit more restraint following one win.

Can’t wait for this Bin Laden-cheering, Star-Spangled Banner-booing, urine bomb-throwing fans to have their team eliminated.

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