Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Major Let Down

And no, it was not the pitching performance of Ervin Santana. When you hear that an ousted member of American Idol is singing the national anthem—that’s good. When you find out that its not Katharine McPhee or Kellie Pickler—that’s bad.

Instead, it turns out to be Ace Young (who looks like he could be the fourth Hanson brother). And don’t act like you don’t know who he is. There is nothing worse than those insecure tough/short/bald guys who try to impress people by saying, “I don’t know that dude, I never watched the show.” Right. Those are the guys who follow it the most. The kinds of guys who play in garage cover bands and secretly love the writing of The Bish.

Listen, nobody watches the NBA but we all know who is playing in the playoffs. It’s the Pistons versus the Heat, and Mavericks versus the Lakers.

(See, it is annoying to pretend not to know.)

The point is, if you were at the game, you only had to deal with Ace for the national anthem and a round of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” Only, viewers in Minnesota got a little more as Young was taken into the Twins broadcast booth to be interviewed by Bert Blyleven. According to The World of B (via Deadspin), Blyleven was so stumped for topics (and who wouldn't be), he blurted out, "Let's talk about Paula Abdul... Did you get lucky with her?"

Seems like a legitimate question. And surely it beats Rex Hudler asking if he was holding.

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