Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jim Otto: Froot Loop

Browns center LeCharles Bentley wanted to honor the legend of Jim Otto when he petitioned the league to wear No. 00 as a homage to the Raiders center. One problem — Otto is a crazy (expletive) (expletive) hole.

Otto obviously played too long without a helmet when he replied with this:

"To let him wear my number that I built into a legacy, all it takes is one ounce of coke up his nose, and that legacy is gone," Otto said to the Contra Costa (Calif.) Times.

"I don't know who he is. I played 15 years with the Raiders. He's played, what, three or four years in New Orleans? What kind of legacy would he give double zero? I don't think he should wear it, and I don't think anyone in the NFL should wear it.”

Yeah, because these comments are just doing wonders for old No. 00. Like double-zero was the former center’s Wonderlic score or something. Either that or he is suffering from untreated syphilis.

Bentley — a two time Pro Bowler in his first four years — even apologized for even suggesting such a thing. He should have beat the old coot's ass.


Conrad Bain said...

Say, you're full of piss and vinager the past few days... really venting your spleen. My kind of reading.

unc_samurai said...

It's easy to make fun of a guy whotakes two hours to get out of bed in the morning.