Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Colleges Preparing Future NFL QBs

Cal coach Jeff Tedford has developed a knack for turning out quarterbacks who can’t quite make it in the NFL—at least on the field. Tedford’s latest protégé, Steve Levy, has proven that he has the same bad-decision making skills of guys such as Daunte Culpepper, Drew Bledsoe, Brian Griese and Ben Roethlisberger.

The Cal senior was jailed this weekend in San Francisco on suspicion of felony assault for allegedly throwing a pint glass at a doorman who asked him to leave a North Beach pub, police said Monday. Levy has been suspended from football activities.

Levy was involved in a dust-up and was asked to leave the bar when he picked up a pint glass and tossed it, hitting a doorman square in the forehead. Tedford was said to be impressed with Levy's accuracy even though he had already pounded a few beers. Levy spent his junior season as a backup, but Tedford said that he could work his way to the starting lineup if he could continue to hit his receivers between the eyes.

Maybe Levy should just have a few shots before practice to get his skills sharp.

Levy is rumored to be using the famed "Hollywood defense" claiming that he got the idea of hitting the doorman in the face by watching John Moxon in the movie Varsity Blues. Levy was heard yelling, "I don't want your life dad," as he was hauled away to jail.

No word on if Levy ends up with Amy Smart or that slutty cheerleader. If the whip cream bikini scene is not in the YouTube Hall of Fame, that's a crime.

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