Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Will Eagles Be Grounded?

Bad news Eagles fans: Peter King likes what your team is doing. The Eagles, he wrote in his column yesterday, will be fine without Terrell Owens. Like, who really needs a wide receiver that catches around 80 balls a year and registers double-digits in touchdowns? Those guys are like totally replaceable.

Besides, the Eagles have Jabar Gaffney (right) and his seven career touchdown receptions now.

The thinking is that the Eagles don’t need Owens. That he was such a big distraction, his antics overshadowed anything he did on offense. And besides, the club was good back in 2003, right? The problem is, this is the same kind of thinking that led Minnesota to deal Randy Moss.

You remember how that worked out for the Vikings—the team King picked to win the NFC last year.

The Eagles are in just as much trouble this season as the Vikings were prior to 2005. Maybe even more. Donovan McNabb was the NFC version of Peyton Manning before Owens arrived. McNabb, who was getting tired in big games with T.O., is expected to lead the Eagles back to where—losing title games again?

The Eagles don’t have much of a shot this season based on the roster. Guys like Todd Pinkston, Brian Westbrook, and those other scrubs couldn’t get over the hump prior to T.O.’s arrival. These guys were just journeymen who were just good enough to be second best in a bad NFC conference in the three years prior to Owens’ arrival. Now people are to believe they will be better without him? No chance.

And when you add in King’s kiss of death, this team is doomed.


Scott said...

Never, never mention Peter King and "kiss" in the same sentence again.

NFL Adam said...

It's cool as long as you don't mention King and "Colon."

Janet Elway said...

Did someone say "colon"?

Crippled Kid said...

Give it back!

adam b said...

haha. brian westbrook is a scrub? haha. do you watch football? don't get me wrong, TO is great, and the eagles are a better team offensively with him, but not a lot of teams would complain about making it to three championship games and one superbowl. the eagles and new england have been the best two teams this decade, and only one of those years featured owens.

Anonymous said...

I think the Bucs would have something to say about that. You have to win a Super Bowl to be considered the "second-best" team of the decade.

NFL Adam said...

Brian Westbrook is just one of those RBs who is good at catching the ball out of the backfield. But he gets nicked up enough and he will never be trusted to rush the ball a lot. The Eagles rushing attack seems a lot like the Vikings, too, in that you have a lot of guys who are alright. But none of them is going to carry you to victory.

There is no way the Eagles could be considered the second-best team in the NFL over the last decade. I would agree, where was the Super Bowl win? The Eagles were the second-best team in the NFC every year and only reached the Super Bowl with TO. Now, they have no chance. They will be lucky to just compete in the division.