Friday, May 12, 2006

The Weak Ender

Clippermania is so out of control in Southern California, Jessica Simpson has died her hair red. You do not want to know what she did to show her support for the Anaheim Ducks.

Life has been good to the “B” teams of Southern California this year. So much so, the Dodgers fans are starting to believe that this could be their year. (Keep dreaming.)

It’s hard to say which bandwagon is fully loaded right now. It is tough to even catch a Ducks game on television—even the deciding game 4 on Thursday night was only broadcast on OLN. It might as well be called SOL because nobody in the Southland is going to pay extra for that channel.

Lakers fans are also slow to fully commit to the Clippers bandwagon. And to be honest, most Lakers fans don’t even follow their own team until the conference finals (if that). So there is still time.

  • Baseball has thrown the book at Delmon Young for his bat tossing incident with a scab umpire. Baseball really sent a message by handing out a 50 game suspension. Major League Baseball also has made a statement by not suspending the Yankees Bernie Williams who beaned (as much as noodle-armed Williams could) an umpire with a batting helmet during the team’s 14-3 loss to Boston on Tuesday night. The moral of the story is, if you want to abuse an umpire, you had better be a member of the New York Yankees. They evidentally can do whatever they want.
  • Are the Ottawa Senators really the Indianapolis Colts of the NHL? Is there a bigger front running, less hockey-savy crowd than Anaheim? Check out The Universal Cynic and Seriously, do you want to trust us for your hockey news?
  • Maybe MLB is taking pity on the Yankees because that Japanese guy just broke his wrist and Gary Sheffield is nursing some sort of injury probably caused by all of the steroids he took while sharing a trainer with Barry Bonds.
  • Kobe Bryant was selected to the NBA’s all defense team. Well deserved after that epic playoff shutdown Bryant put on the Suns Steve Nash.

Have you ever been liquored up and thought to yourself, man, I should be a baseball announcer. Well Rick Sutcliffe beat you to it. The former Cubs pitcher, along with Bill Murray, showed up smashed for an interview on the Padres telecast. Good to see the memory of Harry Carey still lives on.

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Chris said...

I thought that the Padres were the B team of Southern California. Also, I don't know of any Dodger fans who think that this is their year at all.

Anonymous said...

No, Padres are THE team is SoCal. Dodgers=Raiders.