Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This Year's Biggest Bust

It wouldn’t be surprising if—years down the road—it is found out that Vince Young cannot read. You almost hope for something like that to explain his inability to score well on the Wonderlic test. The saddest part is that the guy doesn’t even have a high football IQ. You could understand guys like Lawrence Taylor who were as dumb as a fence post, but knew what they were doing on a football field.

That doesn’t happen with Young. He only looks at his primary receiver and if he is covered, he tucks the ball and runs. Something that won’t fly in the NFL. Norm Chow is going to lose his job because Titans GM Floyd Reese insisted on drafting Young. He is going to be a colossal bust.

Speaking of busts, there is a new Last and Ten ready! (Try to contain your excitement.)


Anonymous said...

That's messed up.

Anonymous said...

I bee not be dumb be not be dubm eye b not bee dummy