Friday, May 05, 2006

So Much For That

Kiss the battle of Los Angeles goodbye. There is no chance that it happens now. No way. The Lakers are done.

That guy who plays for the Lakers—what’s his name—that No. 8 guy, he was pretty good on Thursday night. He scored like 100 points, which should be some sort of record. But that guy—are we supposed to know who he is?—missed the final shot in regulation that could have won the series for the Lakers, but it wasn’t too be.

The Lakers fate, however, was sealed much earlier in the day. Long before what’s his name missed out on being a hero again. The Lakers were doomed when yours truly purchased Lakers vs. Clippers playoff tickets. And not just any playoff tickets. Game 7 tickets for the battle of Los Angeles.

So not only did the Lakers choke away a 3-to-1 series lead; the Lakers blew our chance to see the deciding Game 7 in person because that will now be a Suns home game. (If Phoenix survives that long against the Clips.)

Thanks for nothing, kid—whatever your name is.


Omar Nimri said...

if it was the ONE AND ONLY MICHAEL JORDAN.. he probably wouldn't have missed that shot.. there will never be another Michael Jordan

Station Agent said...

Don't count the Lake show out yet. If your looking for the next MJ, it's D-wade.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

dude, i tried to sign up for the new board but it was a fucking nightmare. i gave them like 8 different user names and some message kept popping up. let me know if i'm a fucking moron and why i can't figure it out...i'm down to join the new forum if it works.

NFL Adam said...

Make sure click the box that you agree with the terms of the service. (That could be troubling you. There hasn't been any word of others having trouble with it. Our message board admin is looking into it now.)