Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Running Numbers

Let’s see if we got this straight. The NBA has a struggling franchise in Toronto, that recently hired one of the league’s favorite sons—Bryan Colangelo—as general manager. And said team just won the NBA Draft Lottery, overcoming a nine percent chance to win the top pick?

Yeah, that is totally legitimate.

It’s nice to see that some traditions of the NBA are still alive and well. The Chicago Bulls just announced that they would be happy with Wayman Tisdale. Just kidding. Not like there is a clear-cut No. 1 in this draft.

But could the league at least try to seem a little bit more legitimate that Vito’s bingo game at St. Angelo’s in the old hood?


The Universal Cynic said...

John Kay Jr. at the Air Canada Centre? Hmm...not sure if he'd sell out the joint. Maybe if Trooper opened up for him.

Wardo said...

The Craptors finally land a #1 pick after 12 seasons of mediocrity, and you raise questions about the legitimacy of the lottery?

What about in 2003 when Toronto had a 15% chance to draft Lebron 1st overall, and instead they dropped a slot from 3rd to 4th overall? Goodness, that was strangely fortunate for the franchise.

And, by your own admission, there isn't even a consensus #1 to select this summer.

Give your head a shake. Toronto won their lousy #1 pick this year fair and square, and it's about goddam time.