Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Pictures is Worth...

It is easy to rejoice when bad things happen to bad people, meaning that the above picture is so joyous, look for it to be The Hater Nation Christmas card. Barry Bonds was struck in the head by a foul ball during batting practice. The unidentified hero, err, player* was said to be shaken up, but was quickly soothed by manager Felipe Alou.

"Don't act like it was some miracle shot, look at that thing," Alou said. "His head is so huge, even Rick Ankiel couldn’t miss it."

Bonds was dazed (he actually started to believe that he never took steroids), but played in the game. He finished without a home run.

"Of course he played. Do you think you could do any damage to that thing?" Alou asked.

Now let's try to find a caption for the photo.

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*Player turned out to be rookie Kevin Frandsen. We're already ordering his jersey.


Tons of Fun said...

"Oh no, Felipe, you hit a nerve when you put that needle in my ass."

Scott said...

One of the underreported side-effects of steroids is the compulsion to play peek-a-boo while taking a shit.

Anonymous said...

Bobby! Peter! Time for dinner.

NFL Adam said...

Remember the dream sequence for that Brady Bunch?

Ow! My nose!
Ow! My nose!
Ow! My nose!
Ow! My nose!
Ow! My nose!
Ow! My nose!
Ow! My nose!
Ow! My nose!

sportscolumn said...

Man, I feel sorry for Barry. You guys are constantly making fun of him and ... I'm just kidding. Screw that guy.

Did you guys hear about the movement (I said movement...) to have everyone in the ballpark make a concessions run or bathroom run every time Barry steps to the plate? That would be hilarious. Or perhaps a juice run.

NFL Jen said...

Peek-a-boo, I see you....