Thursday, May 25, 2006


Is there anybody who can explain why Steve Nash was allowed to leave the Mavericks and end up in Phoenix? Did they seriously think this guy was not good enough? Mark Cuban does not seem like the type of owner who pinches pennies on his team. Haircuts, maybe. Properly fitting clothing, absolutely. But not his basketball team.

Bill Stoneman gets a bad rap on this board for letting a few players go, but at least his moves seem a little justifiable. Nash, not so much.

This series should be a good one. Maybe enough to even catch a game or two (well, you maybe). The Suns will fold in Game 2, rally to win Game 3, lose Games 4 and 5 before winning the final two. (Sorry Bucky.)

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bucky said...

If this doesn't turn out right, my guys will be looking for you.