Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday Post Mortem

Matt Leinart Gets Over Again

Birds quarterback Matt Leinart has a lot of detractors. He’s good looking, he hangs with and dates celebrities, oh, and he’s not a bad football player, either. Leinart cynics have another reason to hate the former Heisman Trophy winner as he goes to one of the best possible situations he could have gone (Denver being the other) when he landed with Arizona. Some might call it a slide, but it was an upgrade. Others will mock him for not coming out last year—but who had more fun last year, Leinart or Alex Smith?

Some might say that Leinart is a product of a talented system. Have you seen the Cardinals talent? Two Pro Bowl-type of receivers in Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, running back Edgerrin James, and a chance to apprentice under a Super Bowl and two-time league MVP in Kurt Warner. And all of this while avoiding becoming a member of the Raiders.

Leinart made out all right. It might even be time to once again become a Cardinals season ticket holder.

  • Someday the Tennessee Titans will try to convince their fans they took LenDale White with their first pick, and try to forget about Vince Young. It won’t be a total loss if Young will eventually convert to safety or fullback in a few years. Had the chance to catch the replay of Ron Jaworski and the boys dissect Young’s game. All Young has to work on is reading defenses, making better decisions, and totally overhauling his throwing motion. Is that it? Billy Volek shouldn’t worry about his job security.

  • Starting with Michael Vick, the first quarterback taken in the draft has taken a number one higher than his draft predecessor. (Vick No. 7; David Carr No. 8; Carson Palmer No. 9; Eli Messiah No. 10; Smith No. 11). Young, of course, was given No. 10 because he either can’t count that high, or he might really believe that 10 comes after 11. Leinart should have opted for No. 12 seeing that he was the first quarterback selected. Leinart will instead wear No. 24. Just kidding, he’ll wear No. 7.

  • Somebody will one day have to explain why the Broncos traded up to take quarterback Jay Cutler. Unless there is something there that everybody is missing, it is hard to reason that a backup quarterback is all that stood in the way of the Broncos and a Super Bowl appearance.

  • The bar is set really low when Michael Irvin is the lone voice of reason on the NFL Draft telecast. Irvin set out to debunk the myth that defense wins championships. Sacks and tackles are nice, but the name of the game is scoring points, the former Cowboys receiver pointed out. It’s true. Just look at the Bears last season. Or the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. If that club could have scored some points, you’d be looking at new champions.

  • The Chargers didn’t want to pay last year's starting quarterback who suffered an injury last season, but they had no problem drafting a player, Florida State’s Antonio Cromartie, who didn’t play a down last year. Makes sense. But if it makes Cowgirl a Chargers fan, then all is right with the world.

  • The Houston Texans proved that too much emphasis is put on combine workouts with its selection of defensive end Mamula Williams. It’s just another example of the Texans sticking it to Los Angeles. Years ago, the Texans stole the expansion LA franchise when owner Bob McNair offered $750M for the team. Now without the resources to compete, McNair is low-balling draft picks and passing on players like Reggie Bush. It’s kind of like the guy who bought the expensive sports car, but doesn’t have enough money left over for gas and insurance. With leadership like this, the Texans might be in a position to again pass on the best player in the draft with the first pick next season.


Randy Youngman of the Orange County Register did a pretty big hatchet job on former Dodgers pitcher Steve Howe. It is funny that columnist, who seemingly spends more time at Silky Sullivans in Fountain Valley than in press boxes, could be so morally indignant.

And all of the cool kids are now subscribing (whatever that means) to The Hater Nation by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Cutler will be the best of the 2006 first round QBs. Leinart is cursed by the poor management in Arizona and Vince Young will be a better version of Steve McNair.

Dilbert said...

The poor management of the Cardinals? Haven’t you seen teams rise from the ashes in recent years to become a success?

The Double G said...

Our lawyers will be in touch.

TJ Rubley said...

The Broncos picked Cutler because they've realized that Plummer is Brian Greise with a mullet. His performance in the playoffs last year told Shanahan everything he needed to know about The Flake. The Donks saw a hole in their lineup, and they have filled it nicely.

Randy Youngman said...

People ask me all the time why I drink so much. I tell them that I drink to forget.

Forget what?

I don't know, I forgot that a long time ago.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

a guy that couldn't beat middle tennessee state (that's cutler) won't be able to win too many games in the nfl.

sportscolumn said...

I think Leinart was the best pick of the draft for the Cardinals. Denny Green must have peed his pants when the Raiders didn't take him.

I disagree that the broncos would've been a good situation for Leinart as well. They don't have the offensive weapons that the Cardinals have (I can't believe I just said that) and I think Warner would be a much better mentor than Jake Plummer. At least Warner knows what it takes to win a championship.

I don't understand the hype on Cutler. The guy is from Vanderbilt.

Ryan Leaf said...

What does being a winner in college have to do with anything?

NFL Adam said...

I think the best thing about Denver would be playing for Mike Shanahan. Plus Denver typically has one of the best offensive lines around.

The backup in Denver is desirable because he isn't going to be expected to win immediately. He won't have to play this year. And when he eventually takes over, the crowd is going to love him because he is not Jake Plummer.

Dino said...

I was up here in heaven and my friend, Joe E. Lewis, was making a peculiar drink. It was scotch and carrot juice. I looked at him and asked him why?

“I get drunk but I see good.”

Judging from Randy Youngman’s mug shot, he should start drinking that.

The Bish's Rug said...

Are you guys picking on me? I'm still laying the huge monkey stinks in the morning newspaper.