Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Madden First Look

There are pictures of Madden '07 bouncing around the web and it is time for the obligatory, “Wow, these graphics look great,” moment. Yeah, we get it, the new images are wonderful.

The game does go into a lot of graphic detail as it painstakingly includes Mike Vick’s STDs, spit flying out of Bill Cowher's mouth and a blonde bimbo to follow around the Cardinals new rookie quarterback. Those things are great, and they make the game really enjoyable.

But paying so much attention to small details sometimes make you miss the big thing. Take this screen shot for instance. Notice anything wrong?

The Cardinals are playing host to the Seahawks at Sun Devil Stadium in this picture, despite opening a new stadium in Glendale, Ariz. Now it’s cool that the game includes a lump in Pacman Jones' sock from the ounce of blow he is holding, but do you think you could get the Cardinals stadium correct? John Madden, the game’s namesake, is growing senile. Didn’t realize that it affected the programmers, too.

Rest assured that the Birds will make EA Sports rue the day that they disrespected the franchise. Those jerks had better wait until Deadspin finds out about this!

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Zach Landres-Schnur said...

any sign of ricky williams or monks?

Michael said...

Yea... Ricky is in the Grey Cup 2007 game.

(hey Adam, are you watchin' any of the G4 broadcasts from the E3 in Los Angeles? Are you there at the E3?)

NFL Adam said...

I had to miss out on E3 this year. I usually check it every year, but I just couldn't make it down there.

Scott said...

The most glaring inaccuracy is that Sun Devil Stadium appears to be sold out.

NFL Adam said...

Hey, the lower bowl got filled sometimes.

Alright, never.

Scott said...

Further exacerbating the obvious lack of research is the fact that the entire sold out crowd are all wearing Cardinals colors. That would never happen in real life.

And JEANS! They're all wearing jeans or khaki pants. Isn't Arizona hot anymore? Not a single pair of shorts in the crowd. "It's in the game," my ass. EA Sports, you are dead to me.