Friday, May 12, 2006

Lil' Hater: Nice Job Nancy Boys

Lil’ Hater has broken from his recent college speaking tour to speak out on Michael Cohen, the "man" suing the Angels for not being given a Mother’s Day promotional item.

What the [expletive]?

A Los Angeles man is suing the LA Angels for not giving him a gift bag last Mother’s Day? He should probably sue God for not giving him a set of balls, while he is at it. Important line of the story: “Women over 18 received the gifts.” So all men did not receive the gift. So A-Rod was able to walk out with a free bag from the game. That’s nice.

This is what Arte Moreno gets for trying to pretend the Angels are an LA-based team. Now you get a-holes from LA coming to the game and filing frivolous lawsuits in OC, wasting our county’s time and money. That’s what the Anaheim City Council is for.

If Moreno kept calling the team the Anaheim Angels, and marketing the team as such, the idiot psychiatrist would’ve gone to a Dodgers game instead. Then, when he bitched about not getting a free purse or whatever, he would have been stabbed to death by local Raiders fans attending the Dodger game.

The Angels are really stupid, though. The team is now giving away the women’s bags to the first 25,000 patrons through the door, over 18. So now this guy will have some kids complaining that they are be discriminated against. Way to buckle under, Angels. Maybe they should take a page from the Washington Redskins who won’t even change their offensive mascot name, much less give some jerk a purse.

It is hard to figure out who I hate more here, the Angels or this moron.

That’s it for me. It’s back onto my college tour to keep hooking up with these ex-Real World cast members.

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Anonymous said...

The dude probably needed it for this weekend's drag queen show.