Monday, May 22, 2006

LA: You Can Keep 'Em

The old cliché says that you can’t fire the whole team. Think they would be willing to make an exception in the case of the Angles?

It’s hard to write off an entire season, especially with the AL West being as bad as it is. But the Angels would have a hard time winning the Big West with Robb Quinlan at first base. Chone Figgins has evolved into a modern day Gary Pettis. And Dallas McPherson combines the injury history of Troy Glaus with the hitting prowess of Rene Gonzales. (Look him up, that was funny.)

But don’t give the offense all of the discredit. The Angels pitching, led by Jeff Weaver and Ervin Santana, deserves some recognition, too. The Angels hitters have struggled so mightily this season, the only thing that might turn them around would be to have Weaver serve up batting practice.

So it has been a team effort. Like Darin Erstad said on Thursday night when Adam Kennedy and Figgins were involved in a slap-fight in the shower, do not point fingers—everybody on this team has sucked. Even Vladimir Guerrero has had lapses where his defense has resembled that of Pedro Guerrero.

Luckily for Angels fans Bill Stoneman is on the case. Remember that huge trade he made that one time? No, not the Kent Bottenfield for Ron Gant deal, the other one. Yeah, nobody can name another deal because he has never made one. You can’t fire the whole team, but Stoneman won’t even try. This weekend was evidence of that. One Los Angeles team has been successful in picking up free agents and promoting rookies who have exceed their building.

Just never figured it would be the Dodgers instead of the Angels.


Seitz said...

Geez, dude, I thought *I* was pessimistic. It's a transition season. All they've done under Stoneman is win a World Series and go to the playoffs three times, which you may remember, equals their total number of playoff appearances in the 40 years pre-Stoneman. Sure, the season's over, and because we're not used to it, it stings a little more, but I'm not sure we need wholesale front office changes. Patience.

NFL Adam said...

Not that you need to get rid of Stoneman, just asking to make some moves. They made a bid for Konerko, but it didn't work out. It seems like they didn't make any moves for Manny, which may or may not have been a good idea.

But more could have been done. Other than getting a third baseman who was released.

Seitz said...

The problem is that they have a lot of 'almost ready' prospects. It's tough to go into the free agent market and acquire guys on two year deals. If a guy is worth signing, he's getting three and four year offers. I think they were in a tough position this off-season.

NFL Adam said...

After the way the club played in the playoffs, they should have dealt a few "almost-ready" prospects for somebody who can hit right now. For every Tim Salmon who makes it to the show, the team has a Lee Stevens to show for it. Or Darryl Sconiers.

It's cool to plug a rookie into a starting role. But when you are asking two rookies (essentially) to play third base and first base (two of your primary power positions), you are asking for trouble.

This isn't like 1994 when you could bring in a slew of guys to join a last place team. These guys are expected to play right now and play well. A guy like Lyle Overbay was on the market this year. I would rather have him than Robb Quinlan.