Monday, May 22, 2006

It's Game 7

This is why the Clippers acquired Sam Cassell. No really, this was all a part of the master plan. Honestly. The Clippers brought in Cassell to provide veteran leadership during the playoffs.

The Clippers point guard is the anti-Manning—he plays the biggest when the stakes are the highest. Cassell is 5-1 in game 7s during his career. As much as Elton Brand is the best player on the Clippers, Cassell will be the deciding factor.

Hopefully Mike Dunleavy will remember to play him in the fourth quarter.

The Suns have rested up the past couple of days, but how long can they continue to stave off elimination? Phoenix played three elimination games against the Lakers and has been outplayed in nearly every game by the Clippers in this series. Tonight will be the night when the Clippers put it all together and win easier that most people will believe.

In the other game we will miss while bowling—the Spurs will end up routing the Mavericks by about 40 points. Both games tonight will be let downs.

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bucky said...

Please pick the Mavericks to sweep the Suns.


Richard Cranium said...

That is the greatest picture I have ever seen.