Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's the Clip Show!

Maybe it's because of all those years spent watching them embarrass themselves, but it wouldn't be completely shocking to see the new Clippers revert to being the old Clippers once the playoffs start. --local columnist, Steve Bisheff

So much for the thinking that the Clippers were really hurting themselves for tanking its final games in order to arrange a match-up with the Nuggets—the worst playoff team not named the Memphis Grizzlies. So much for thinking the Clippers would revert back to being the same old sorry Clippers. So much for the years of misery.

The Clippers took a big first step in become a legitimate NBA franchise on Monday night.

But if the Clippers are ever going to have any real legitimacy in Los Angeles, they are going to need to root for the Lakers to finish off the Suns, and then dismantle Southern California’s marquee franchise. All the celebration will be rendered meaningless if the Clippers don’t get a chance to hand it to “big brother.”

Nothing else will be acceptable.

This was a great first step for the Clippers and their long-time fans that were saddled with the knowledge that their headliner fan was Billy Crystal. Now the time has come to take the next step.


Anonymous said...

Billy Crystal? You've got to be kidding me. Frankie Muniz is the Clippers' marque fan. That's as good as it gets. And if the Clippers want a shot a beating the Lakers, they better hope the Sun can prolong their own early exit from the playoffs and wear out Kobe and friends.

Tim Moore said...

i am so happy for the clipps!
ClipperNATION is here to stay!

The Real Double G said...

Show the Bish some respect! You jerks are in trouble.