Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It Is Still No Fun

Thank God the NFL has finally restored order and smacked down Saints rookie Reggie Bush, who will not be allowed to wear No. 5 this season. It’s a good thing, too. Imagine the slippery slope that would have been created if Bush were allowed to wear No. 5. All hell would have broken loose and guys like Browns quarterback Charlie Frye would have tried to switch to No. 60 in homage to Otto Graham.

Bush had originally stated that, if the league allowed him to wear No. 5, he would donate part of the proceeds to charity. By refusing to go along with Bush, is Kayne West going to say that the NFL does not care about black people? (Bush said that he would still donate a portion of his jersey sales to Katrina victims and his parents hush money.)

Is this really the most important thing the NFL competition committee had to discuss this year? How about taking care of shoddy officiating or other real problems facing the league? It’s humorous that baseball has to fight the stigma of steroids every day. Yet the NFL has 6-foot-8 guys who weigh 400 pounds and run 4.4 40-yard dashes and NFL writers are all bent out of shape about the number a rookie running back should be allowed to wear. (And how great House is this season.)

Priorities, eh?

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1 comment:

Paul Hornung said...

NUNGNumber 5 is just not a number that should be worn by running backs. Period.