Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How About Them Padres?

Just kidding. But Angels fans need something to keep their minds occupied as the offense continues to limp along like Verbil Kint. It is becoming painful to watch the Angels offense. Tom Cruise’s turkey baster has done more scoring this year. Unless an Angels pitcher tosses a shutout, the team will lose. And if you know anything about Jeff Weaver, you know that is not going to happen.

The Angels three biggest liabilities are in centerfield, third base, and catcher. But where could the team ever find three players like that who could fill these spots?

Oh yeah, that’s right.

Trading Jim Edmonds is defensible. Fine. Adam Kennedy, three home runs in the ALCS. Yes, yes, yes. The club wins on a technicality there.

Allowing Troy Glaus and Bengie Molina to walk away with no compensation is inexcusable. Glaus rehabbed from a season-ending injury in 2004 to lead the Angels to the division title. His reward was no contract. Molina’s transgression was being the most clutch hitter on a dreadful offensive club in 2005.

Nobody gets timely hits in this version of Angels baseball.

Angels general manager Bill Stoneman felt the time was right to bring up some of the highly-touted prospects. That is the kind of thing that perennial losers such as the Dodgers should do. Teams competing for division titles should keep its players. It is not to say that the club should acquire aging superstars like the Yankees, but at least keep the guys you have. There were no reasons to let Glaus and Molina go.

Unless of course Stoneman wanted his approval rating to mirror that of the President. Then in that case, mission accomplished.

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Anonymous said...

You mean to say that you would rather have a 3b who hits bombs over a punch-and-judy base stealer at the hot corner?