Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Emergency rooms in Southern California have swollen beyond capacity as millions of sports fans have simultaneously jumped off of two bandwagons—one for the Ducks, the other for the Clippers. Now what are all of those Aliso Viejo soccer moms going to do with those Clippers flags they bought for their SUVs?

The Clips showed about as much fight as A.J. Pierzynski Monday night. What a sad performance.

What is it about Mike Dunleavy and Game 7? At least people will now forget that his Blazers blew that 15-point fourth quarter lead against the Lakers in Game 7 of the 2000 Western Conference Finals. (Seriously, don’t care if the year is wrong, you know what we are talking about.) Did the Clippers even practice during the week off between Game 6 and Game 7? It was as if Dunleavy was too busy watching the Sopranos instead of actually preparing a game plan.

Oh well. With the Clippers eliminated, the Ducks on the verge of elimination, and the Kings getting ready to start the “diving” era under Marc Crawford, it is safe to again ignore the NBA and NHL.

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Tim Moore said...

Tonight, the Clippers looked like the Royals...

it was bad.

NFL Adam said...

Which, incidentally, is the name of our bowling team.