Friday, May 26, 2006


Bought an old school Los Angeles Rams warm-up jacket (once owned by John Math) on eBay a couple of years ago. Now the inbox gets filled up with “other items you may be interested in,” most of them pertaining to the Los Angeles Rams like the sweatshirt on the right.

But seriously, what exactly are they selling? Check out the listing. (And no truth to the rumor that the model in the folder is former Rams beat writer Don Seeholzer.)

The highlight is the listing for a book on the history of the LA Rams. Check out the listing to see who the author is. Totally bidding on that bad-boy.


Anonymous said...

Right, you were just searching for Rams stuff. More like, you were looking for "banana hammocks" and that is what you found.

Fred Dryer said...

Hey! You found my sleveless jacket! I used to cuddle with Merlin Olsen with that on!