Friday, May 19, 2006

Bud Bummed By Bonds Boos

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig told reporters that while he is not surprised Bonds is the target of abuse, he wishes the fans would stop.

Fans in Houston, Philadelphia and Los Angeles lampooned the Giants slugger with signs and costumes targeting his steroid use. Fans in Houston cheered when Russ Springer plunked Bonds.

Selig—who admittedly is not a huge fan of Bonds—is embarrassed by all of the attention and wishes that the fans would focus on other things Bonds has proven to be quite good at.

“He was a tremendous wife-beater, too,” Selig said. “People tend to forget that. I see the fans with their signs, dressed up as juice boxes and syringes. It’s clever, but I wish the fans would show a little bit more creativity and start making fun of Bonds’ past spousal abuse.”

Bonds was charged with domestic abuse in 1993 when he kicked his wife (Sun Bonds) and grabbed her around the neck during an argument. Bonds also allegedly chased her outside, threw her against the car before again grabbing her around the neck and tossed her partially down some stairs. Bonds also allegedly threw Sun to the ground and kicked her in the buttocks according to a police report.

See, he was an ass-kicker before the steroids—something Selig would like fans to remember before they taunt Bonds.

“How about a few ‘wife beater’ chants,” Selig said. “Or maybe something like the ‘stair master’ or “hit the ball not your wife.’ Something that shows the fans they have done their home work and baseball fans are the best in the world.”


Nikolai sucks said...

Or when he strikes out, yell, "Makes you want to beat the wife, eh Barry?"

He professes a lot of love for his son, so, maybe, "Nikolai Sucks!" might be good.

twin_daddy said...

I remember a little parody song we all sang at Dodger Stadium that got the crowd in a frenzy and Bonds' panties in a twist...

Why did you beat me up
Barry Bonds (baby!)
And throw me down
two flights of stairs

But, worst of all
you deny it all Barry
you say you're just a bad guy
that's misunderstood

Barry dude! (Barry dude!)
Pick on somebody else
someone that's more like your size

Beat me up
Barry Bonds
Don't break my arms!

NFL Adam said...

Thanks for that. I was going to print that, but didn't want to steal your work.