Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Anybody else out of breath after watching David Blaine attempt to hold his for nine minutes? The telecast was like a panic attack waiting to happen, and easily the most uncomfortable television viewing in quite some time.

But what do you expect when you cast Stuart Scott as a host?

It seems as though the execs at ABC feel that Scott has inflicted enough damage on sports fans and are intent on moving him into the mainstream. Give him a shot on The View and be done with it.

Speaking of breathless television, it was nice to see the Suns and Clippers actually play basketball. It was a breath of fresh air to see two teams hit open jumpers and actually attempt to outscore each other instead of the thug-like basketball that goes on in the Eastern conference.

Good game for the Suns. Hope they enjoy it, because it appeared that Phoenix shot its wad on Monday night. The Suns were riding the momentum of their upset of the Lakers (you read that right) on Monday and—in true NBA fashion—will be ready to mail it in on Wednesday. The Clippers will win both home games before closing this thing out in five games.

That’s right, five games. (If you are going to jump on the bandwagon, do so with both feet.)

Hot Rumor: Much like the Angels capitalized on the Rally Monkey during their World Series run in 2002, the Mighty Ducks are close to introducing the Steve Bisheff Rally Toupee. It could be the hit of the Stanley Cup playoffs.


Tim Moore said...

I swear to you, i almost cried when Blaine said that speech.

Steve Bisheff said...

The hair is real. Bring this up again and we will fight!