Monday, May 15, 2006

Be Serious for a Moment

It has been quite a few years for Bay Area fans. The Giants fans have proven to be one step to the right of Jonestown or the Branch Davidians with their blind loyalty to Barry Bonds. The Oakland A’s fans have stayed away from the ballpark in droves, forcing the team to close the upper deck and bring capacity down to around 7,500—and the team still can’t reach that mark.

And do you really need to hear more about Raiders fans?

All of that pales in comparison to what happened on Sunday night when the San Jose Sharks fans booed the Canadian national anthem. Be an idiot and cheer for Barry all that you want, but leave the Canadian national anthem out of it. O Canada is a sweet soothing hymn, unlike our call to war—the Star Spangled Banner. Booing o Canada is something you would expect from soccer fans south of the border. Hopefully Angels fans can represent a little better when the club plays host to the Blue Jays this week.


Scott said...

I didn't know Henry Rollins was Canadian.

Lance Storm said...

That is not funny.