Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Athlete's New Secret

Victoria’s Secret is getting into the sports bra market. Unfortunately it is too late to save the failed WUSA women’s soccer league. Victoria's Secret, made famous by its lingerie models, feels that it has an active market in lesbians who want to feel sensual while they are breaking up two.

And the company has already lined up its first athlete to endorse its product.

Victoria’s Secret announced on Monday that it had signed Phil Mickelson to wear its line of sports bra. The Master’s champion admitted that he was wearing a Victoria’s Secret “Bro” (brazier for men) prior to donning the famed green jacket.

“I like the support and it really helps to keep my man boobs in check,” Mickelson said.

Sources close to negotiations indicated that the company was close to inking deals with golfer John Daly and Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells. The source said that a deal with Parcells would be a “natural fit.”

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