Thursday, May 25, 2006

Always Liked That Kid

Huge Dallas McPherson fans here. Seriously. Ditto for the gritty Jeff Weaver. What a pick-up. That Bill Stoneman, he’s a genius.

Alright, let’s not get carried away. The Internet is great in which your opinion on a person (or team) can change quicker than Paris Hilton changes sex partners. But you can’t let Stoneman off the hook just yet.

The Angels were able to end a six-game losing streak by beating Texas twice. It seemed like the first time the Angels have won a season series since Mo Vaughn weighed less than 600 pounds. More importantly, the Angels pulled closer to Oakland (4.5 games) in the standings.

But remember as the Wolf said in Pulp Fiction, “Let’s not start (expletive) each other’s (expletive) just yet.

Stoneman may look good at the moment by the call-up of Kendry Morales (about time) or the late power surge by McPherson. But that’s even more reason to make a deal to get another stick. The Angels need one more guy who can fill that OF/DH slot, to spell Garret Anderson in the outfield and to platoon with Tim Salmon. Now it is imperative to make a deal instead of sitting on your hands. Still, it looks like things could be turning around.

Of course, if the Angels lose to Baltimore this weekend, Stoneman is a bum, Morales stinks, and McPherson is no Troy Glaus.


insomniac said...

Wow...Weaver got his 2nd win and got his era under 7.00? I knew there was a good reason that Stoneman gave him $8+ mil for the season.

Gary Pettis said...

How did Figgins do?

Scott said...

Who are you censoring yourself for?

NFL Adam said...

This is a family site.