Friday, April 07, 2006

The World Would Be Better Off Without You

No, it is not Yankees fans. They still have some value to the world. Scientist have yet to discover that reason, but there has to be a reason.

It’s people who wear both a jersey and a hat of the team they are about to watch.

Angels fans sometimes do it (and its embarrassing like your dad wearing white socks with shorts and tennis shoes). But it is more prevalent with Red Sox, Dodgers, and of course, Yankees fans.


People get it. You like the your team. You are the #1 Yankees fan. Obviously you still have some complex about not living in New York. It must still tug at your heart that you were a miserable failure in your hometown so the only way you can stay connected is to become an uber-fan of its sports team.

Good for you.

But what made you stop at only half of the wardrobe? Obviously you put a lot of time and money into getting an authentic hat, jersey, and team-licensed turtle neck, why stop there? Go all the way. Get the pinstriped pants, stirrups and cleats, too. Maybe Joe Torre will even ask you to come in for relief of Randy Johnson if you play your cards right. You can’t possibly be a worse alternative.

So as over-dressed Yankees fans get ready to descend upon Angel Stadium it is safe to say that the world would be better off without you.


NFL Adam said...

And before you all leave posts, yes you are a dork if you wear white socks and shorts.

WhiteRaiderFan said...

What the fuck kind of socks are you supposed to wear with shorts? Black?

You're NOT a dork if you wear shorts and BROWN sox?

You're an idiot!

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

question for ya, adam:

so what are your thoughts on say a t-shirt/hat combo or a sweatshirt/hat combo? do those merit mocking too or does it need to specifically be the JERSEY/hat?

NFL Adam said...

Good question Zach. I'm open to the jacket or sweatshirt because you typically bring those things "just in case."

A T-shirt/hat is kind of a gray area. I would never do it, but it's no as bad as the half-uniform combo which was seen a lot at the Big A this weekend.

benny said...

Seriously just the jeresy alone looks bad on people. Some people can pull it off but most can't. People who can..rappers..athletes. People who can't..skinny white boys. Good post!

yankee fan said...

Seriously, I'm not from NY but I am an old school Yankee fan. I grew up in OC. I've been a fan for like six years now and everybody bashes me because we haven't won a championship in years. Things will change this year though, because the guy that big lefty Randy is good and will lead my beloved Yank's back to the Series for several years to come. I mean I saw you mocking Yankee fans and that's mean, b/c I AM there biggest fan and have a brand new Damon jersey, Arod jersey and a brand new hat, and i'm not supposed to wear them. . . .Ya'll are haters