Friday, April 21, 2006

The Weak Ender!

Chargers Girls! Foo Fighters! Arnold! And More…

The NBA Playoffs Are Too Short. Seriously. Who doesn’t want to see the Spurs and Kings series stretched out to 11 games? Think of the ratings. Think of the ticket revenue! The NBA should abolish the regular season and just have continuous playoffs. Kind of like the Davis Cup in Tennis. Or the Stanley Cup playoffs in hockey.

Obviously the league can’t stage a single-elimination tournament because the team would lose out on television and gate receipts. But then the NBA would be something it has been in a number of years—compelling. But go back to the best-of-five first round. Please.

  • The Sports Dork knows about as much about music as he does sports, which is why he is misguided about Nirvana. It's hard to take a band seriously when its most talented member is the drummer. Dave Grohl in Nirvana is akin to Babe Ruth's pitching career with the Red Sox. Sure he was good, but he didn’t really achieve greatness until he switched teams and positions.

  • The Sports Dork also labeled Pearl Jam fans as over-obsessive. This coming from a Red Sox fan. Obviously the Dork is not familiar with the term irony.

  • Poor Bruce was forced from Survivor due to an irritable bowel. What a huge hit for the Asian community. First Mr. Miyagi, and now this. But Terry's run in this game is more interesting than both the Lakers and Clippers making the playoffs in the same season.

  • The Hater Nation now has a syndication feed, whatever that means. (You can find it in the left-hand margin towards the bottom.) Seriously, our man, Vin said that we needed to have it. So there it is, whatever it may be.

  • The Los Angeles Daily News is reporting that the NFL will now put two franchises in Los Angeles. And you guys think Rocky LaPorte is funny. Sources close to the situation indicate that the Raiders are moving to Los Angeles in 2011. The only reason the league is batting around the idea of a second franchise is so owners of the Saints, Jaguars, et al, still have some leverage in stadium negotiations. All this talk is great, but here is the bigger question. Who is going to pay to rebuild the Coliseum or build a new stadium in Anaheim?


The Chargers Girls were announced this week. Better enjoy them while you can. San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders announced that the city will not help build the Chargers a new stadium in the city. That should come as good news to San Diego Police who have arrested linebackers Steve Foley and Shaun Phillips in separate incidents recently.

The team is welcome to look for locations in San Diego County. Chula Vista and Oceanside are two names possibly linked. Maybe they will be the second suitor for that LA franchise.

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