Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Trade Barry Sign a Hoax

There is a giant “TRADE BARRY” billboard outside the Giants Baseball Park (whatever it is called now) that has caused quite a stir in San Francisco over the past couple of days.

It figures that Bonds would be in on it. The “Trade Barry” sign is a marketing campaign for Topps Trading Cards, green lighted by Barry himself. Too bad, if for only a brief moment, it seemed that Giants fans (or at least one) had a moment of lucidity when it came to Bonds. Not so much.

In fact, the Mercury News reported that police received an anonymous phone call alleging that a Giants fan attempted to climb the sign and light it on fire. A Giants fan risked his life to torch a billboard that suggested trading Barry — and it turns out that Bonds himself was in on the gag.

Apologies to UCLA fans, because Giants fans are the dumbest in California. Idiots.

Other Baseball Notes

Oakland A's fans have contacted Topps representatives in hopes of getting their own "Trade Barry" sign in response to Barry Zito's opening night debacle...

A Yankees fan on some site suggested on Tuesday that the Yankees needed more "F-You" wins and that Alex Rodriguez's grand slam with his team leading was indeed clutch enough for him. Your reigning MVP stranded Johnny Damon at second in both the seventh and ninth inning in the Yankees 4-3 loss to Oakland. That is an "F-You" loss...


Love always prevails. It looks like Anna Benson has had a change of heart and has announced that she will take her husband, Kris, back. It seems that Anna still wants to make Kris pay for his indiscretion. The only way to really make him pay, it seems, is to stay married to him. Look for Anna to be an even bigger media whore now, if that is possible.

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twin_daddy said...

Oh no, no, no!! That was Anna doing the math and ralizing that her incessant face time would plummet to ZERO-POINT-ZERO in the course of 3 months if this divorce actually happened. Goodbye high-paying nudie spreads and other wife-of-professional-baseball player endorsements.