Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sorry, Overslept

But what a perfect ending to a (expletive) up day. Stub Hub cost an extra $10 above face, which isn't bad. The drive to the out-of-the way hotel room to get the tickets was bad, however. Not to say that the motel was seedy, but Tony Phillips wouldn't even smoke crack in this place. Luis Polonia would not bring underage girls back to this place.

The place was so sordid, Mo Vaughn served as the bell captain.

It was a give-away night, but more on Kelvim Escobar in a minute. Some (expletive) head stole both give-away clocks, as kind of a punishment for staying to the end of the game. To make matters worse, it was some punk pre-teen girl whom likely wasn't an Angels fan making her first (and only) appearance at Angel Stadium this year.

Here is another public service announcement: Stay away from promotional nights. Families load up the mini van, grab the free stuff like locust and leave early. If you want to find the dregs of humanity (and not the band from It's Your Move) show up at a promotional night.

So the illegitimate child of Patty Hearst was seated on the right, and your typical Orange County, over-cheering family was on the left. You know the type, like the Family Circus dressed in red. The kind of family that has a nickname for every player on the team (except for Jeff Mathis). Of course, the nickname for Garret Anderson was a dubious one—Cadillac (insinuating he is lazy). At least some OC stereotypes live.

Of course, they left early, too. It was a school night.

The game was miserable. Escobar is still having trouble with his fingernail—even after Roger Clemens recommended a good Vietnamese nail salon in the area. Vladimir Guerrero appeared to leave when he injured his foot, but actually had the flu. Just perfect.

The blame has to go to Stub Hub. That seedy operation set the wheels in motion for a bad day. Seriously, you are better off with the Ticket Exchange or meeting one of your hard working, neighborhood ticket brokers at The Catch. Have a bad experience at a stadium lately? Talk about it in The Hater Nation Forums.

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Seitz said...

dregs of humanity (and not the band from It's Your Move

Dayamn! I thought I was the only person who remembered that episode! Or rather, episodes, plural, as I believe that was a two parter, with special guest star Nina Blackwood.

I can still see the goofy luck on the fat dude's face as he manipulated the marionette apparatus.