Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Say It Ain't So!

Found this story on Sports By Brooks.

Matt Leinart (left) is just another delusional Raiders fan. If he wasn’t a soon-to-be NFL quarterback, he would be face painting, spiked shoulder pad wearing, Chargers-fan-stabbing Raiders fanatic.

Leinart, in his online journal, admitted that as much. He also said that Raiders owner Al Davis compared him favorably to Ken Stabler during the former USC quarterback’s recent visit to the Raiders facilities.

He should be thankful a senile Davis didn’t call him Todd.

Leinart went on to say that Davis is a legend. Yeah, so is Lyle Menendez. Leinart said that Davis was extremely smart. He’s got a point. Think of all of the money Davis saves on printing cost by not changing the Raiders playbook over the past 30 years. And you know will never have to pay for any expensive championship rings in the future.

Leinart also noted that it was Davis was really the guy who started the NFL. Jesus kid, you’ve got the job. If Leinart does fall to the Raiders, the organization won’t have to waste its time trying to get this guy to buy into the Raiders mystique.

Really disappointed in the Huntington Beach native.

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