Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Public Service Announcement

You are a dope if you use Stub Hub. It is the worst invention of the decade. As Nicolas Cage said in The Rock, we wish it were one of those things we could go back in time and not invent. Use the Ticket Exchange on your favorite major league baseball team’s website. (The Hater Nation is getting absolutely nothing for telling you this.)

A pair of Angels vs. Rangers (section 527) tickets on Stub Hub costs $11. But with the convenience of having to go out of your way to pickup these tickets, it will cost you an extra $15. You have to pay $15 for the privilege of taking a side trip to pick up your tickets for a total of $26. Not a bad deal to get into the game, mind you, but consider the following:

A pair of terrace level tickets for tonight’s game costs $12 on Ticket Exchange. They will email the tickets to you for free. Don’t make the Stub Hub mistake.

NOTE: The Angels have come from behind in their last three wins. That means more Rally Monkey jokes for local columnists.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your $26 tickets. Dope.

Fi said...

does the exchange sell them at face? saw some for like 250

NFL Adam said...

They sucker you in at below face and then hit you with that $15 charge. We had two $8 tickets for $26. We'll have more later.