Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Patriots New Kicker

And you thought April's Fools Day was last Saturday.

The Boston Globe is reporting on its website that the New England Patriots have signed kicker Martin Gramatica. Yes, Martin Gramatica. This should end all talk of Bill Belichick being a genius. Let's take a look at the numbers.

Adam Vinateri has won three Super Bowls.
Martin Gramatica did not play professional football last season.

Adam Vinateri made life miserable for the St. Louis football team and the Raiders.
Martin Gramatica made life miserable for Bucs fans.

Adam Vinateri is arguably the most clutch kicker in NFL history.
Martin Gramatica did not play professional football last season.

In fact, Gramatica has not been a full-time kicker in the NFL since the 2003 season(he played briefly with the Colts in 2004). The Patriots are obviously going to have to bring in somebody else to compete for this job (maybe Remy Hamilton), but this just boggles the mind. The Patriots save a $1M, maybe two but can this guy kick in the cold weather? Does anybody on the Patriots roster believe Gramatica would have won three Super Bowls for their team?

Hope it's worth it, Patriots.

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Billy Simmons said...

I've been a fan for like six years and this really pains me.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

gramatica didn't play pro football last year? get right outta town.

Anonymous said...

See how much football fans really care about Martin G? They're probably like me and had no idea he wasn't in football last season.

I know you want to draft him for your fantasy team. Just for fun.

Benny said...

That last comment was me. I forgot to login. I'm still shocked Martin didn't play football last season.

NFL Adam said...

The Birds kicker is always the guy to get. But with Edge, that might not work this year.