Saturday, April 01, 2006

Once a Stripper...

Strippers make money by selling a fantasy. Except for you. They really do like you.

But it is what they do. Make you believe that you actually have the chance to take home this gorgeous girl. Former stripper-turned baseball ex-wife Anna Benson still uses this tactic. You all remember when Anna was on the Howard Stern Show and promised that she would sleep with Kris’ entire team if she found him cheating. Everybody, she said, would have a turn.

Well Kris reportedly cheated on her, and now is time for Brian Roberts to get his.

Actually, he won’t be getting his.

Anna's spokesman warned the Orioles not to get their hopes up. "I think she was joking," her representative said.

What a tease.

Members Orioles should be able to sue over this. Wasn't that the reason why Balitmore acquired him? Because they knew he was cheating?

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LargeBill said...

You know who should be really pissed? The bat boy! The other players can probably do alright anyways, but the bat boy, this was his one chance.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

dude, you've never nailed a stripper? you're missing out.

Flash said...

The Orioles shouldn't sue - the Mets should! She never said the threat to do everybody would transfer teams. I thought this was a binding contract with the Mets roster. I'm let down. I was hoping Pedro could take her under the mango tree.