Monday, April 10, 2006

Next Angels Pitcher

Kelvin Escobar could miss his second start of the season with a split fingernail. Bartolo Colon says that he is not hurt, but it won’t be long before he is on the disabled list. The Angels are going to need to make a move for another starting pitcher at some point this season.

"If it is a short-term thing, we will probably look in-house," manager Mike Scioscia said. "If it is a longer-term thing will have to explore some options."

In other words, the short term means Jered Weaver. But what could "some options" be?

Maybe Roger Clemens, perhaps?

A little far-fetched? Really? The Angels have made it perfectly clear that it doesn’t want to part with any of its prize prospects. Almost to a fault—where a guy like Troy Glaus is allowed to walk away. Trading for a proven starting pitcher won’t happen. It’s not like there is a great number of quality starting pitchers on the trading block to begin with. Plus the team has finally cashed in on a lucrative FOX Sports deal giving the club some spending flexibility.

The only option would be to sign Clemens. The Angels get a quality starting pitcher, they would not have to trade any valuable prospect and—probably most importantly—it will really piss of Yankees and Red Sox fans. That would almost make Clemens shenanigans worth it. If Arte is really intent on making the Angels the power of the West Coast, he needs to make a deal like this. Maybe it will help fans forget him changing the name, letting popular players leave, etc.

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NFL Adam said...

I'm an idiot, I should stick to the NFL, and this site sucks. Sorry to take away most of your arguements. Would love to hear why the Angels should not make this deal.