Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nash, Who's Your Daddy?

The NBA playoffs have finally become compelling and it is not because of a looming Clippers/Lakers showdown in the next round, or Kobe Bryant’s heroics at the end of game 4. Instead it is the complete and utter meltdown of Suns point guard and two-time MVP Steve Nash.

Nash has inexplicably been selected as the league’s most valuable player in each of the past two seasons, but has failed to deliver when it counts the most. It’s hard to imagine a bigger meltdown by a league MVP since, well, you know who.

The Suns meltdown was so pronounced on Sunday, you had to sneak a peak over to the team’s bench to make sure Mike Kryhngbgswawsjiwski wasn’t calling the plays. The Suns were so bad down the stretch, former Duke guard J.J. Manning is already looking for homes in Scottsdale, figuring that his ticket has been punched for Phoenix in the upcoming draft. The Suns come-from-ahead debacle was so explicit, Peyton Manning had to cancel an appearance at a Kenny Chesney concert because it caused too many Vietnam-style flash backs.

Speaking of the Manning family, you have to wonder how far Archie’s seed has reached. The world was shocked to find out that Archie was the father of Duke forward J.J. Manning. What about Nash? There are court documents show that Archie did have a Canadian nanny who disappeared for unknown reasons in 1973. Could it be?

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Your daddy! said...

Kelly Monaco choked at the Emmys the other night. Is she a Manning, too?

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

i'll let monaco choke on something else...

Anonymous said...

Stop it. What's the matter with you?