Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Must See TV

The NFL Network knows what it is doing. Broadcasting the entire NFL Draft is cool. Well, if you are the kind of geek who wants to spend the better part of his Saturday waiting for Maurice Drew to get drafted or somebody to finally kill Mel Kiper Jr. Yeah, that is compelling television.

No, the NFL Network made a major coup when it was on hand to film the Chargers Girls auditions this weekend. Seriously would you rather tune in to see if the Chargers will draft ASU’s Dale Robinson in the third round to replace Donnie Edwards? Or would you rather see scantily-clad women, dancing for your entertainment?

It’s not a tough decision. For most of you, at least.

And if you use your imagination, it’s not hard to visualize the Chargers Girls tryouts turning out the same way the tryouts went for Nomi Malone in Showgirls. (They are wearing the same outfits.) You can just imagine the evil choreographer Tony Moss saying, “What are these, water melons? This is a field, babe, not a patch. See ya!”

Although that seems to be sort of a prerequisite to be an NFL cheerleader.

Maybe two of the would-be hopefuls would have a tender moment like Elizabeth Berkley and Gina Gershon. Maybe there would be a stagehand running around the tryouts with a bowl full of ice cubes.

Sure the finished product will likely be as titillating as watching Showgirls on VH1, but it is fun to imagine what could have gone on.

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Michael said...

Your reference to "Showgirls" reminds me of the movie "The Replacements" where even the cheerleaders were all strippers who distracted the opposing teams.

Yea.. these posts should consider that the NFL do some things geared towards the sport's core audience of 25-40 year old males.

Anonymous said...

Don't give them too much credit. It's not like it's HBO. Or better yet, Showtime.