Monday, April 03, 2006

More sickening: Duke or UCLA?

I'll say this for Duke: At least their bandwagon is on the road from the very first game of the season.

"Fans" of UCLA won't even acknowledge the existence of the Bruin Barge or divulge its whereabouts until three hours before the MFing NCAA Championship game starts.

As a true Bruins fan, it really makes me sick.

Hey UCLAtelys, are you sure you really want to commit yet? There is, after all, one game left to play. And as we learned last January with the Trojans, sometimes good things happen to bad people.

I say you wait in the K-Mart parking lot until midway through the second half before you go in to buy that jersey. Just to be sure. You don't need any more car polishing cloths in the colors of schools you never attended.

Afterward, you and your family may enjoy a world famous 99-cent shrimp cocktail at the Hater Nation Forum.

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