Friday, April 07, 2006

The Last Time These Two Met

And that was the highlight of the Yankees weekend. Millions of visitors come to Anaheim every year and have a great time. Not so for the Yankees. Shorstop Derek Jeter called Angel Stadium a "House of Horrors" for the Bronx Bummers. Not the be confused with Mo Vaughn's "House of Whores" at Fritz's Too down the street.

The Angels are the only team that has been able to consistently beat the Yankees in the Joe Torre era. The Halos are 49-48 against New York since 1996, having twice eliminated the Yanks from the playoffs.

The Yankees have been Joe DimaggiOWNED by the Angels.

The Yankees, like a big bully, live off fear an intimidation. Like a local mobster shaking down a small shop owner. That doesn’t fly in Anaheim. It’s the Angels who have fleeced the Yankees of their baseball dignity, leaving baseball’s marquee franchise nothing but a shell of its former shelf. It is the Angels wielding the bat like Robert De Niro in The Untouchables.

The Angels have so frustrated the Yankees, King George has responded by spending money on big name free agents. The boss has bought Jason Juicambi, Gary Sheffield, that Japanese guy, and Alex Rodriguez in recent years. Things are so desperate, the Yankees added Old Noodle Arm in centerfield.

And for what? Just to be humiliated by the Angels again?

It is still the same old sorry Yankees. A-Rod doomed the Americans in the World Baseball Classic. Juicambi is off to another sluggish start. (Maybe he’ll struggle for a few months and then seem to find that "magic formula," that elixir which helped him regain his strength and size). Bernie Williams seems to have held on for one year too long. And the pitching? Let’s not talk about it.

Face it Yankees, you are just not good enough to compete with elite teams such as the Angels. New Yorkers (who will try to flood Angel Stadium this weekend) love to talk about their 26 rings. Big deal. Try winning a title in this century. Those past championships don’t put runs on the board. The past is just that. Past wins are just that.

When the Yankees play the Angels in the present day they are just – well — horrific.

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WhiteRaiderFan said...

What a dumb blog entry by a biasted Angel fan. It just proves your acceptance of mediocrity.

Anaheim has ONE more win in the Torre years than the Yankees, and you say they "consistently" beat them?

What dumbassed thing to say! Just proves how you Anaheim-Los Angeles-Torrance-Mission Viejo Angel fans embrace mediocrity. When one game over the Mendoza line is considered "consistency."

How pathetic. Just like your team and its horrid, uneventufl and boring history.

NFL Adam said...

A Raider/Dodger fans talking about history? Unheard of.

Tim Moore said...

I am going to the game on sunday. I am super excited!!!
New York is the most hated team in Anaheim, and when Vladdy is done with em... well, you know the drill. I saw theese two teams play in the ALDS in 2002, when the Angels rallied and gave the bronx bombers the kiss of death. That was by far the greatest sporting event i have attended in my life.
aah, memories.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You are an ass.