Thursday, April 20, 2006

Is That All There Is?

Jessica Alba made news recently when she threatened a lawsuit against Playboy for using her picture on the cover of the men's magazine. Alba recently settled with Playboy who apologized for misleading consumers. Playboy needs to offer another apology. There may even be the need for a cash payout.

It has been widely publicized for months that Cowgirl was going to make her Playboy debut. This got college guys like Zach worked up in a frenzy waiting to get a glimpse of Cowgirl in the periodical. This had the potential to rival those WWF pictorials.

Unfortunately, the Playboy picture of Cowgirl ended like your typical Florida State football season—in disappointment. It also probably caused Bobby Bowden to shed a few tears, too. Cowgirl appeared topless, baring only her left breast. The school that gave us wide right, has now introduced hide right. Playboy buyers are likely to feel shaken down, like they had just participated in an Adrian McPherson pyramid scheme.

If you are waiting for nudes on this site, keep dreaming horn dogs. You can do a search to find the picture.

The issue also ranked the top party schools in the country with Wisconsin ranking number one. The West was well represented with UC Santa Barbara (second) and San Diego State (fifth) both finishing in the top five. Florida State, the home of Cowgirl, ranked sixth.

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Zach Landres-Schnur said...

thanks for ruining my day, adam.

Not in SI said...

I wonder if Zach pulls the "Hey baby did you see me in Sports Illustrated" line if he would have a shot at her.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

already pulled that line, benny and yes, it worked like a charm...though i feel like she may have clamydia.

Dino said...

Hold it! Just you hold. What's the matter with you?

bucky said...

The issue also ranked the top party schools in the country with Wisconsin ranking number one.

Isn't it about time that they just retire that trophy here in Madtown? It hardly seems fair to have the professionals on State Street clobber the rest of the field year in/year out.