Friday, April 14, 2006

Feeling Your Pain Ottawa

It was less than a year ago that The Hater Nation anointed Lonie Glieberman as the "Owner of the Year". Glieberman induced much praise (at least here) for being one of the first guys in sports history to ignore families and cater to the true football fans. He was the man who found a way to combine "Girls Gone Wild" with football—albeit it the Canadian variety. Glieberman must have felt like the guy who invented peanut butter cups. A true genius, this guy.

Now he is gone. The Ottawa Rough-Renegades are disbanded. The CFL has ceased operations for the embattled franchise and held a dispersal draft on Thursday. The CFL lost a storied franchise, but the world of sports lost one of its greatest operators.

Rams fans can commiserate. The team went from the capable hands of Carol Rosenbloom to Georgia Frontiere after he accidentally drowned. Frontiere would provided the basis for the movie Major League as the Rams went from marquee NFL franchise to being disbanded in 1994. The league eventually awarded an expansion franchise to St. Louis, who not only stole the Rams name and marks, but in irony of ironies allowed Georgia to own that team, too.

It’s a shame that men like Georgia Frontiere are allowed to own teams and guys such as Glieberman, Rosenbloom, and Vincent K. McMahon are no longer in football.


The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are the new official CFL team of The Hater Nation after signing former Chapman quarterback Patrick Josten. The Panthers all-time leading passer had spent time with the AFL’s Tampa Bay Storm as a scout-team quarterback.

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Anonymous said...

Chapman? Did Damon Allen finally retire that you have to follow a DIII product?

Michael said...

No true-er words have been said on this blog in a long long time. Since being introduced to this page from a friend, I'd have to say that it's been really fun to read up on what unique satire you can come up with.

I would really like to see some pro sports where they had some adult rated programming. Say, isn't the NFL on HBO? Can't they drop a few f-bombs in their criticism of a team or player?

Canada and especially Ottawa doesn't really understand the kind of product they have in the CFL. I like watching it from time to time.

The Universal Cynic said...

The Renegades and the Grey Cup (held in the city, not a championship won) was a cash and dash-type of operation that would make any scam artist proud. And the pathetic bleating of the few who wish to bring the franchise back for a record-third attempt, lead me to remind the masses that I wasn't born in Ottawa. I only live here.

The one downside of losing the franchise will be the loss of any John Jenkins interviews. Bill Cosby sweaters, Ric Flair hair and a Hank Hill accent. In essence, the sportswriters' jackpot.