Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Clippers "Win"

Nice League. Seriously. Although if your league has a woman’s version, then things aren’t looking too promising to begin with.

As you should know by now, the Clippers have clinched home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs by doing what they do best—losing. The Clippers loss to Memphis gives them the six seed and, by virtue of having more wins, a home-court advantage over three-seed Denver. Again, nice league.

The NFL sometimes has meaningless football games at the end of the year. And pretty much any Royals game after April is meaningless. Still, the Royals are not given a playoff berth and home-field advantage by losing.

That is what happened to the Clippers by virtue tanking the final week of the season. But give the Clippers some credit—they did not pull a Kris Brown. (The Houston Texans kicker who seemed to take a payola by missing kicks against the 49ers to secure the first overall selection in the NFL draft. He was like that fighter in Diggstown who was paid to take a fall, but made it too obvious.)

The Clippers trailed by 18 points in the fourth quarter, only to cut the deficit to thee down the stretch before ultimately falling, 101-95. Everybody knew the Clippers were not going to win, but they had you believing for a second. Well, as much as you could while the team played Vin Baker. The Clippers run was remarkably similar to that of your average jobber facing Ric Flair or any other star back in the glory days of wrestling. You believed for a moment that Flair could lose, even though you knew better.

You knew better with the Clippers. There was no chance they were going to come out of their with a “W,” even though they left the court as the bigger winners.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't Kris Brown also gain a reputation in Pittsburg for choking at key times? I think the year after the Ravens won the Super Bowl, Brown missed five field goals in one Sunday Night Steeler-Raven game.

Anonymous said...

That was always believed to be the fault of the open-ended stadium in Pittsburgh. Brown had been alright in Houston before completely shitting the bed in the game against SF. Maybe that is why the Texans kept him.

Tim Moore said...

Thank you god. i have been a life-long clipps fan and that loss made things alot easier