Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Bush White House

This is the home that threatens to bring down the USC football program. So much for that gated mansion. As noted on this site yesterday, this is just your average tract house in Southern California. Now people are clinging to the hope that the Griffins (Bush’s parents) did not pay fair market value on this home.

As if beating USC on the field is not an option.

The Pac-10 will continue to look into this matter, but does anybody else get the feeling that the investigation is going to turn out like the Dean’s inquiry of Thornton Mellon in the movie, Back to School? In fact, maybe they could get Ned Beatty to reprise his role of Dean Martin and head up the Pac-10’s investigation. He would have this thing solved in a minute.

Dean Martin: Mr. Griffin, I am only going to ask you once…did you pay full market value for that house?
Mr Griffin: I can’t lie to you Dean Martin…Yes I did!
Dean Martin: I’m satisfied.

And then it would be done.

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