Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Busch League

NASCAR continues to bill itself as a viable sports franchise and then things like this happen. Kurt Busch bumped Greg Biffle into the wall on Sunday at Texas Motor Speedway that caused a delay and tempers to rise.

Biffle was understandably pissed off. But Biffle’s girlfriend Nicole Lunders (left) went into the pits and confronted Busch’s fiancĂ© Eva Bryan to make matters worse. Now NASCAR is going to reprimand Lunders, even though the stunt has garnered a lot of publicity for the sport.

Needless to say if your league’s governing body has to reprimand wives and girlfriends, you are not a legitimate sport.

It’s hard to imagine Paul Tagliabue having conference call with Angie Harmon, telling her not to get into the face of Brendon Stokley’s wife. Or telling Elisabeth Filarski to hold back on The View. Or the Commissioner sitting down with Kenny Chesney and asking him not to start a fight every time Peyton Manning throws an interception. This whole thing smacks off a bad WWF storyline, and that is the reason that NASCAR remains a regional activity as opposed to legitimate sport.

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Chris O'Donnell said...

You watch The View?

Anna Benson said...

I dunno, last year pretty much every one connected with the New York Mets wanted to meet with me to talk about something. Even the bat boys.