Monday, April 03, 2006

Bruins Will Win


It won’t even be close, either. Even though the Florida handled LSU twice this season with ease, it won’t beat the Bruins. Can’t beat the Bruins. UCLA has been a team of destiny since it came back on Gonzaga. That moment was similar to 1995, when Tyus Edney went coast-to-coast on Missouri.

So the Bruins will win tonight, which should be good for West Coast basketball. But it won’t be. The last time UCLA won the national championship in college basketball, coach Jim Harrick was fired a year later for falsifying an expense report. The NCAA got wind of this and was so pissed at UCLA, it placed Cal State Fullerton on probation.

When UCLA wins tonight, the NCAA will start to wonder how the Bruins assistant coach Donny Daniels seems to land these African players (he also recruited Pape Sow when he was the head coach of Cal State Fullerton). It’s going to be bad news for local programs such as Fullerton, San Diego State, and Long Beach State. (Although, truth be told, most LBSU alumni we know root for UCLA anyway.)

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Benny said...

Damn Adam, I hope that picture wasn't of you from last Halloween.

Nonetheless I'm totally rooting for UF now since I'm scarred now from seeing that picture.

Plus I'm a UF alumni but that picture is a major factor too.

Anonymous said...

I guess not.