Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bruins Say the Darndest Things

Kind of hoped that this would not be necessary. But Bruins fans have a reputation for being the worst in California. With these postings on the Bruin Report Message board, it’s not hard to see why. The UCLA cheerleaders even got into the act, calling Joakim Noah “ugly” during the game. As you can tell by the picture on the right, that was certainly an instance of the pot calling the kettle black.

And seriously, Lorenzo Mata was on your team.

UCLA posters also took great delight in that one guy (what was his name?) who dunked over Noah. That’s great. That more than makes up for being embarrassed in the NCAA title game. But that is why they are Bruins fans and produced these gems on the BRO: (These are actual posts taken verbatim. Names are anonymous to protect the ignorant.)

Wilshire Bruin: Noah is a soft player. At least half of his "blocks" were fouls and the other half were the result of poor decision-making by the Bruins. Also, a good percentage of his dunks were after traveling with the ball. He is so awkward looking that I think the weak college refs have a hard time making calls on him and also got caught up in the excitment of the crowd and let all of kinds of [expletive] go that should have been called.

A lot of UCLA fans were trying to lift their spirits by noting that Duke got killed in the 1990 NCAA title game but came back to win it the following year. The fans blaming the refs, however, is Duke-like.

Mata4Prez: Taurian Green dancing near the end of the game and Noah's chest thumping and standing on the scorer's table- 2 examples of winning without dignity and illustrative of the difference between the character of the two programs and schools. My hats off to their player's abilities but I would personally be embarrased if any UCLA players showed such immaturity.

evermore25: That is one thing Coach Wooden was big on. Win with dignity. He called time out at the end of his first NC in 64. Told his team to win with class. Cut the nets down, be happy, but don't prance and jump around like idiots.

And here is Jordan Farmar on Saturday:

Maybe that celebration is what put Wooden in the hospital. Nice

Traunui1: Did you notice all of the UF traveling not called? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

And they made fun of Adam Morrison for crying.

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Seitz said...

Well, Noah did drag his pivot foot about a million times, and if you watch his dunks, his other hand is ALWAYS on the guy's body.

Not that it would have mattered. The Bruins still would have gotten killed.

Seitz said...

And Lo Mata is seriously ugly.

NFL Adam said...

Noah needs to learn how to go to his left, but he's still young. Plus, players underneath the basket can draw a charge. Even though there is not a painted semi-circle, it is still a rule in college hoops.

See the Angels tonight, Will? Estaban Yan is going to kill the team.

Seitz said...

Yikes! In the first post above, that should say "if you watch his blocks".

Richard Cranium said...

Just because you can find a couple of idiots to say stupid stuff, doesn't mean all UCLA fans are morons. Since when do UCLA fans have a reputation for being the worst in CA? That's retarded. That's like saying you can be proud of getting a degree from Cal State Fullerton. Neither of them have any proof to back up the statements.

I'm a Bruin fan, and I'll say it. We got punked. We got out-played, out-hustled, out-coached, and out-hearted (Yeah, I made it up, deal with it.) And, I will even back up the statement that there really aren't very many good looking girls there. But, they still made it to the championship game, which is more than anybody but Florida can say.

Richard Cranium said...

Alright, and the evermore dude is an idiot. If you win and you can't control your excitement, you don't have heart.